Children’s party


Kids ages 4 to 17, minimum of 5 painters.

Are you looking for a unique birthday activity for your child or teen ? The Ceramic Cafe-Studio is the ideal choice ! For the last 15 years, children’s birthday parties have been a success for the children and their parents. You just have to reserve and we will ensure your party is a success !

FREE GIFT a nice personalized plate for the birthday person!

STEP 1 : Choose the CERAMICS (between 10$ and 20$)

Our vast selection of ceramics is comprised of piggybanks, boxes, picture frames, figurines, cups, vases, plates, etc. Hundreds of ceramics and useful items are yours for the choosing. In order to maximize your enjoyment during the party, we suggest you pre-select the ceramics couple of days before the event.

If you choose ceramics of 20$ or more, we’ll apply 10% discount on them.


STEP 2 :  STUDIO time, duration 1h30

6$ per kids who paint, 8$ per adults who paint. The children’s birthday special is limited only if you paint pieces that are 10$ or more. (If someone paints a ceramic that is less than 10$, they will be charged the regular studio fee).

OPTION 1 : Add a MEAL to the activity for 30 extra minutes. The menu for children’s’ parties are available for 5,95$. Includes a glass of juice or milk.


Add CAKE to the activity for 30 extra minutes. Cake options varies depending on location. By reservation only.

You also have the possibility of brining your own cake. 10$ fee. All other food and drinks must be purchased at the Ceramic Cafe-Studio.

We then keep the ceramics to fire them, it takes 7 to 14 days to do so.

Taxes not included. A tip of 10% will automatically be added to the total bill for all groups of 5 or more persons.

For a birthday party at home, visit our Take-Home Studio page !