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Céramic Café Studio, a unique franchise ! A ceramic painting studio and a coffee bistro, all under the same roof. Since it’s opening, people have gathered at Céramic Café-Studio. You can be a novice or an accomplished artist, solo, with family or friends, because the ambiance is unique ! You can come paint on a ceramic, but nothing stops you from stopping by for just a quick bite or a coffee !


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In 1997, the First Céramic Café opened its doors on St-Denis street, next to Rachel street, in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. It then moved, in 2007, to the other side of the street, closer to Marie-Anne street. This store quickly became a must-visit in Montreal ; a place where young and creative people meet.

Due to the the success of their first store, owners Gilles Geoffrion and Paola Cacopardo, opened a second Céramic Café in Brossard in 1998 which then moved in 2005 to Greenfield Park. In 2000, a third Céramic Café opened its doors in Laval, and a fourth in 2004 in Quebec City. As its name says, Céramic Café-Studio offers not only a ceramic painting studio for its customers, but also a varied menu : paninis, bagels, salads, and desserts. Alcoholic drinks are also offered in Quebec city store. In our studios, our artistic-consultants assist the customers by bringing all the paint and accessories necessary, then offering advice and original and practical ideas, which allows anybody, even the beginners, to feel comfortable.

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At Ceramic Cafe, the customer can choose from around 2000 different pieces that are available to them : cups, piggy banks, tea pots, boxes, vases, sushi plates, salad bowls, candle holders, lamps, figurines, picture frames, soap dispensers, etc. There is something for all tastes, all ages and all budgets ! The prices of the ceramics vary in general between 8$ and 39$.  The studio fee varies from 6$ to 9$ per the first hour, 8$ to 11$ for 3 hours, or also 12$ to 15$ for the entire day. In general, customers can finish their masterpiece in an hour or two. For a complete meal, the price varies between 6$ and 12$. On average, the cost per customers that paint for example a mug, a plate or a figurine, is from 16$ to 24$, taxes and tips not included.

The Ceramic Cafes are open everyday and every evening until late, except on December 25th and January 1st when we are closed. For the patrons or those with bigger projects, you now have the possibility to buy a membership. The membership for children or adults includes the studio fee unlimited for 30 or 90 days. In addition, you benefit from a 10% discount on the ceramics pieces that you buy during that period.

Membership CHILDREN 30 days : 30$*

Membership ADULT 30 days : 40$*

Membership CHILDREN 90 days : 60$*

Membership ADULT 90 days : 80$*

*and a 10% discount on all ceramics pieces will be added.

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It’s easy ! From a chart of more than 60 colors, the customer selects the ones they want to use. The artistic-consultants bring all the necessary materials to bring each personalized piece to realization, for example : brushes, paints, 1001 traceable drawings, pens, scrapers and multiple other accessories. As soon as they are done, the pieces are taken care of by the Ceramic Cafe artistic personnel. After, the ceramic pieces are glazed, dried and fired on site in the kiln that goes up to 2000° Fahrenheit during 24h. The pieces are non toxic and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The customers can then come pick up their pieces around a week later.

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Emphasizing that the Ceramic Cafe is well known for its delicious paninis which are a real treat. We offer to our clients a varied choice of sandwiches and bagels as well as salads and everything can be accompanied with some coffee, some juice, a smoothie or a delicious cake.  We also offer a variety of alcoholic beverages in our Quebec City store. Each Ceramic Cafe has its own personalized menu.

Visit the pages of each store to consult the menus.

We also offer group menus for children’s birthday parties, parties, office parties or other groups.

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The Ceramic Cafe attracts a diverse clientele. It is the place of choice for making an original gift or to simply entertain yourself alone, among friends, or with the kids. We even recently observed, during a bridal shower, 30 young women having fun each making an original plate, with each friend of the bride personally painting a piece of a dinnerware set. We have also seen a young mother proudly stamp her newborn’s hand and footprints on a photo frame. We have also seen a dad sipping a coffee and chatting with his daughter who is painting a cup for an end-of-the-year gift that she is going to give to her teacher. We regularly host children’s birthday parties where children from 4 tot 17 years old paint their masterpieces while enjoying birthday cake. In summer, it isn’t rare to meet a tourist happily take a souvenir they made themselves home. Creating a gift for Christmas or a gift for Mother’s Day are obvious musts. Wednesdays are the day for parents and kids. During morning field trips, we often see groups of 40-60 children coming from school to paint.

The Ceramic Cafe also attracts numerous stars from radio, television, and film. Here are a few that have come to paint at Ceramic Cafe : Véronique Cloutier, Jean Airoldi, Marina Orsini, Geneviève Borne, Marc Labrèche, Yan England, Michèle Richard, Jacques Villeneuve, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mitsou, Joe Bocan, Danielle Ouimet, Jean-Pierre Coallier. It is also a place where you can often see television shows being filmed and photo shoots.

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If you want more information on opening another ceramic painting workshop in Quebec, visit the Franchisor-Head Office page and contact us !

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For all television or movie filming, radio recordings, photo shoots, or any other media needed, we place our stores at your disposal free of charge ! If you would like to paint, that would also be free. Contact us ! Paola Cacopardo, president Céramic Café-Studio Inc.